Viking Gold

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Our mineral exploration projects are individually comprised of one or more properties. To help explain the nature of each project, we use five common information sections, as follows:


a) Overview - underlying properties, acquisition details, geology, exploration history and option agreements.

b) Work Plan - recent and next phase exploration programs.

c) Results To Date - exploration results such as assays for channel sampling and drilling.

d) Maps & Geology* - maps of location, regional and local settings, and exploration results.

e) Photos & Videos - currently, photos of the underlying properties.

* Our maps were all created by Ms Bettina Kuypers, Cartographer.


Note: To properly display our online maps on a PC running Windows, you may need to install the latest Microsoft compatibility updates for Internet Explorer, and then turn them on for


A map of our exploration projects...



Below are links to our individual project Overviews:



viking gold map
Our active projects are in ON and PQ.
Click on the pic to start with Larose.