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Larose (ON)



Map Showing Results

The map above is a thumbnail representation only. Larger versions of this map are available in the Maps & Geology section (see map #2).


Golden Share Results

On February 1, 2012 Golden Share, which has optioned the property from Viking Gold, announced the results of its late 2011 channel sampling program on the Larose Property. Some details are provided below.


The recent surface work executed by Golden Share comprised geological reconnaissance, outcrop sampling, channel sampling, line cutting and ground geophysics. Highlights for this recent campaign are provided by channel sampling on the P1 trench located within the central part of the LSZ which, according to Golden Share, yielded the following results:


  • 45.93 g/t over 3.1 m

  • 54.21 g/t over 1.4 m


The mineralization is hosted in sheared, very fine grained metasediments showing local sericitization, silicification and carbonatization and quartz veinlets containing up to 20% sphalerite, 10% pyrite and 2% galena. Moreover, the grab sampling by Golden Share validated Freewest’s previous results and shows several high grades areas to be developed along the LSZ with grab samples results of up to 218.0 g/t Au in the P1 trench, 30.7 g/t Au in the Larose trench and up to 29.8 g/t Au in the T trench located 4 km to the northwest of the Larose trench. 


For further details, please refer to the Golden Share website for that company's February 2, 2012 press release.


Golden Share subsequently completed a summer 2012 work program for the Larose property and has posted its technical results in a press release dated October 25, 2012 and also on its website.  The Company has granted a one-year extension to Golden Share in respect of its exploration commitment for the Larose property.


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